Edited transcript of conversation between Abigail Starostin (my avatar on Second Life) and Jessie Teacher, of

[6:24] Register: Thank you Abigail Starostin, your avatar is now validated with
[6:24] Jessie Teacher: Hi Abigail
[6:30] You: HI Jessie
[6:31] Jessie Teacher: Hi, how are you?
[6:41] You: Do you use audio or just chat
[6:41] Jessie Teacher: The lessons will be all over SL and we have a huge space here too
[6:41] Jessie Teacher: We use audio as the primary function and only type for spelling or something like that
[6:41] Jessie Teacher: It's really good fun actually
[6:42] Jessie Teacher: If the teacher needs to explain something they can just show you
[6:42] You: Are the lessons 1-2-1 or groups?
[6:42] You: Or both?
[6:42] Jessie Teacher: Also if you are busy you can sit in your pajamas at home and no one will know :-)
[6:42] You: LOL
[6:42] Jessie Teacher: The lessons are group lessons
[6:43] You: Do you only exist in SL
[6:44] Jessie Teacher: Yes, LL only exists in SL
[6:45] Jessie Teacher: We are exploring this new way to teach and all our teachers are qualified teachers in RL too
[6:45] You: Interesting
[6:45] You: Do you think it's more effective?
[6:45] Jessie Teacher: We have a teacher training programme to train them to use SL as a teaching medium
[6:46] Jessie Teacher: I was also a language teacher by trade and I do think it is very effective
[6:46] Jessie Teacher: You don't have to draw things on a board, you can show them
[6:46] Jessie Teacher: You don't have to imagine a beach you can go there
[6:46] You: Like what, for example
[6:46] You: I see
[6:47] Jessie Teacher: Also people are not so shy when they are online
[6:47] Jessie Teacher: With Japanese students for instance they don't caee if they make a mistake, no one can see them
[6:47] Jessie Teacher: sorry care…
[6:47] You: Because they can hide behind their avatar?
[6:48] Jessie Teacher: Perhaps not hide but they don't feel like everyone is staring at them waiting for them to speak
[6:48] You: I can imagine it's less intimidating than a reall classroom
[6:49] You: And I like the idea of classes happening all over SL
[6:49] You: So you can make them topic-related 'in situ'?
[6:49] Jessie Teacher: Yes, I love the way we can do anything here
[6:50] Jessie Teacher: Yes, we have different types of lessons and we have adventure based lessons too.
[6:50] You: And also your teachers can be anywhere too, I guess
[6:50] You: Adventure-based?
[6:50] Jessie Teacher: Also events where students can come and hang out just to chat
[6:51] Jessie Teacher: yes, they will assume roles, like a murder mystery or something like that
[6:51] You: Yes, I wondered if you had anywhere for language exchange.
[6:51] Jessie Teacher: It can help with certain grammar points and it makes it more fun.
[6:54] Jessie Teacher: We are based in London but our teachers are everywhere
{the following refers to phonetic symbols of english sounds - you step on them to hear the sound}
[6:58] Jessie Teacher: if you walk on the symbols you hear the sound
[6:59] Jessie Teacher: If students are doing something active they are more likely to engage with it
[6:59] You: Definitely, I can see that
[7:05] You: the phonetics thing is cool
[7:05] You: any other features like that
[7:06] Jessie Teacher: Yes, I like them, we also have a game that we use where people can fly and touch things
[7:06] You: what, to learn the word?
[7:06] Jessie Teacher: In a RL class students love games so why not in SL too?
[7:07] Jessie Teacher: Yes, to learn to pronounce them properly
[7:07] You: I guess oyu can be more creative i nSL?
[7:07] Jessie Teacher: We are implementing self access stuff too so students can do it by themselves - practice i mean !
[7:12] Jessie Teacher: The teachers have loads of objects and can create them or manipulate them
[7:12] You: So you can create objects related to what you're teaching
[7:13] You: I guess you have a few developers to help?
[7:13] You: I tried building but not v easy
[7:13] Jessie Teacher: yes we have people to help us :-)
[7:14] Jessie Teacher: building takes practice
[7:16] Jessie Teacher: Yes I think you can learn anything here pretty much

[7:17] Jessie Teacher: I studied anthropology and then taught then did an MA in Digital Culture and Technology
[7:18] Jessie Teacher: So I guess my main area of interest is how culture connects with technology
[7:18] Jessie Teacher: How we can use it as a tool
[7:18] Jessie Teacher: how we can explore different ways to do things
[7:21] Jessie Teacher: - this is a good book if you're interested in SL
[7:21] Jessie Teacher: I met the guy in RL he is interesting
[7:22] You: I'll have a look at that, thanks.
[7:24] Jessie Teacher: Ok I guess I should say hi to that guy
[7:24] Jessie Teacher: Bye bye Abigail cu soon
[7:24] You: bye, see you
[7:24] Jessie Teacher: bye

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