I’m currently studying for an MSc in eLearning at Edinburgh University. Having worked in foreign-language dictionary publishing for many years, I have an interest in language learning and reference, and how technology can enhance the learning process.

This web essay is being submitted towards the module Introduction to Digital Environments for Learning in Dec/Jan 2008. I chose to use a wiki partly in order to familiarize myself with the technology, but also to create a resource which could have a life beyond the assignment. I have deliberately designed a site with a simple structure, which should be easy to navigate for an external reader with no prior knowledge of the subject. The site can be navigated by following the forward '»' and backward '«' links at the bottom of each page, or by clicking on the section links in the left-hand navigation bar. A more random approach can be taken by selecting tags in the tag cloud to the left (see 'Page Tags'). A full list of references is available on the references page. Note that where a source is freely available online, a link to the source (PDF or HTML) is given directly from the body of the text.

Once the essay has been assessed, I will widen the permissions to enable open editing of this resource on Web 2.0 and Language Learning. In the meantime, please contact me on helenn at live.co.uk if you have any comments.

Helen Newstead

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